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Landscape Maintenance

The single most important element in maintaining any landscape is consistent maintenance.  Runner Turf & Landscaping’s experienced staff works hard to maintain the natural beauty of your landscape through quality maintenance and expert care.

We offer a complete range of landscape maintenance services from single visits to weekly maintenance throughout the season. We refresh and refurbish older landscapes, provide landscape renovation and restoration services, and seasonal services such as Spring and Fall Clean-Ups to prepare gardens for the season ahead. Runner Turf & Landscaping also provides absentee owner and property management services. See below for a complete list of maintenance services.

  • LAWN SERVICE- Cutting and trimming lawn areas to proper height using the appropriate equipment for the area.  Includes trimming ground cover as needed, blowing off plant beds, sidewalks and driveways

  • LEAF REMOVAL-Collection and removal of fallen leaves from beds and lawn area using specialty equipment. October and November are normally the months in which this service is performed but it does vary depending on the type of trees on your property and the climate.

  • SPRING CLEAN-UP- Cutting back all appropriate shrubs and perennials (example: grasses, hydrangeas, evergreens, etc.) as well as thoroughly cleaning out all beds and lawn areas.  The early to mid-part of March is typically when this service is performed.

  • SUMMER SHRUB TRIMMING-Trimming back new growth on shrubs and hedges in order to maintain a desired shape.  Most often done in the months of June through August.

  • FALL CLEAN-UP-Removing any late fallen leaves and cutting back particular perennials (example: Roses, daylilies, hostas, etc.)  This service is performed after the 4th killing frost when the growing season has come to a halt and plants are dormant.  Usually performed around late November to early December.

  • DISEASE & INSECT CONTROL-A spray application on landscape shrubs and trees to control threatening diseases and damaging insects.  Includes and organic fertilizer within the spray to promote healthy plant growth.

  • WEED CONTROL-There are three types.

                 #1) Application of granular pre-emergent herbicide to landscape beds in the spring to eliminate new

                      weeds from growing (does not include lawn). 

                 #2) Application of liquid herbicide to unwanted weeds in the cracks of walks and driveways. May be used to

                      spot treat in some landscape beds.

                 #3) Hand pulling weeds out of landscape beds on a weekly/monthly basis.

  • WASTE DISPOSAL-Involves safely and properly disposing of any brush, soil, rock, and any other organic material.

  • FERTILIZING-Application of a slow release granular fertilizer to all landscape areas at the appropriate rater.  November and March are typically good times to apply fertilizer.  Although plants may be dormant, the roots are vigorously active and the fertilization will ensure a healthy upcoming growing season.

  • MULCHING-Mulching retains moisture in the soil, reduces unwanted weeds and adds a clean well-manicured look to your property.  Along with mulching, beds are edged with a spade to control erosion of the mulch into the lawn.  Mulching may be performed any time of year but is recommended in the spring and summer.

  • PRESSURE CLEANING-Use of high powered pressure washer to clean off weathered wood, stone and siding.

  • GUTTER SERVICE-Cleaning debris and leaves out of gutters as well as inspecting the condition of the gutters and roof to make sure there is proper water flow.  Usually needs to be done in both the fall and spring.